Build and manage data feeds instantly from any structured data source. No coding needed.

Turn media assets into a cloud based API product within minutes. Automate publishing to the API from your data source to reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency.

No Code

No coding required to build your partner APIs.


Automated syncing of your channels content, no manual upload and entering title, description, metadata into a CMS


Industry standardized MRSS formats in JSON, XML, no engineering or customization needed


Set up or access multiple channels in a centralized simple platform

Cloud Hosted

Centralized and accessible by any remote team member, no more navigating hard drives or uploading/downloading files to google drives


Speed of our cloud server makes viewing and syndicating large video files instant

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1. Add your YouTube channels
Get your channel IDs from your YouTube dashoard and add them here.

2. Import videos
Select the channel and the videos you want to import to the cloud for distribution.

3. Distribute
Create industry standard MRSS feeds to syndicate everywhere, with one click.

4. Done.
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